Festival 2016 - Literary Competition Results

The writing competition for the Mere Literary Festival alternates each year between a poetry competition and a 'timed flash fiction' short story competition. The 2016 competition took the form of a 'timed flash fiction' competition.

The competition rules requested a short story of no more than 350 words, that must include a given phrase. Competition entrants had precisely one week from the publication date of the phrase to write and submit their story (or stories). The given phrase for this year's competition was...

...one evening, twenty years ago...

The competition results (shown right) were announced at the Festival Award Ceremony on Sunday 16th October. Congratulations to winners and certificate awardees and thank you to all who entered the MLF competition and thus supported the MDLS charity.


Top Three Entrants

Click on the prize winning title to read the story.

Also Shortlisted (Awarded Certificates of Distinction):

  • Linda Jones, Leigh Common, Somerset
  • Margaret Mead, Mere, Wilts
  • Gail Warrick-Cox, Bournemouth

Certificates of Merit (Listed in Competition Number Order):

  • Phyllis Higgins, Frome, Somerset
  • Hazel Prior, Watchet, Somerset
  • Tania Kremer-Yeatman, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset